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My name is Roccy DeFrancesco, JD, and I’m a “recovering attorney. “ To read my Bio, click here. What am I recovering from? Being a full-time practicing attorney. What do I do now with my time? I educate and mentor other advisors. In other words, I help advisors provide the best advice to their clients.

Why did I decide to put this site on the web?

Over the next 10-20 years, literally trillions of dollars will change hands when baby boomers sell their businesses. Unfortunately, very few advisors know how to give advice to help selling business owners properly posture their businesses for sale (minimize taxes, best ways to transfer to children, etc.).  Even fewer business owners have any idea how to best setup their business so when they sell they and their heirs receive the maximum benefit.

In short, both business owners and their advisors need significant help (and the earlier you start setting up your business for sale the better).

If you think about the fact that most multi-owner businesses don’t even have a simple buy/sell structure in place, there is little doubt there is a need for education and help.

Best education on the web

I asked my friend and rock star attorney Jim Duggan, JD, MBA to do a full-day buy/sell/business transition seminar a few years back. It was awesome and we video recorded it.

Because I’ve been so busy with my own businesses, until recently I frankly forgot we recorded the seminar.

I went back to watch the videos and it reminded me how good they really were and I knew I needed to get them out there. That’s when I decided to put together this website.

Both for advisors and business owners

The one day seminar was designed with content so that business owners and their advisors could get equal value of attending. That same statement holds true for the recordings.

If you are a business owner and do not have a business transition plan in place, you need to watch these videos.

If you are an advisor who has business owners as clients, you owe it to your clients and to yourself to watch these videos.

Just talking for an hour about business transition with the average attorney will cost you $250-$500.

With these videos you get nearly 8-hours of education/instruction from one of the top attorneys in the business transition field.

In short, there is no excuse not to spend the money to get access to these videos.

Need motivation?

No problem, click here and sign up to watch the Buy-Sell Structures module for FREE. In this module Jim explores the basic differences between the Redemption and the Cross-Purchase approaches to buy-sell structuring, the tax implications of each, and uses of insurance in each structure.

The quality of the content covered by a fantastic speaker should be all you need to motive yourself to learn more.

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